Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Advantages of Pawnbroking?

With confidential service, no credit checks, proof of employment or income and minimal paperwork, pawnbroking provides instant cash, while still allowing you to retain ownership of your valuable items. It’s quick and easy.

How Does the Process Work for Obtaining a Loan?

It’s an easy, 3-step process that typically can get you cash within an hour.

Step 1:
Call us or stop by our convenient North Toronto location.
Step 2:
Bring the item you would like to pawn, and 2 forms of government identification into our store. Note: you must be over 18.
Step 3:
Once we’ve agreed on a value, you and a member of our staff sign a pledge contract for up to 12 months. Then, the cash you need is yours—immediately.

Are My Dealings with A. Edwards & Co. Private?

Loans from A. Edwards & Co. are private and confidential. There are no credit checks and only minimal paperwork.

How is Gold Valued?

Gold is sold by the weight. A Troy ounce weighs 31.1 grams. The number of “carats” indicates the amount of gold within a given item. The percentage of gold in jewellery ranges from 24 carat (24ct) for pure gold to 9 carat (9ct) items in which only 37.5% of the metals are gold.

How are Diamonds Valued?

Diamonds are valued by their cut, clarity, carat weight, and colour. The cut determines a diamond’s brilliance. For clarity, a diamond is assessed for its natural inclusions and those with the fewest receive the highest clarity grades. Colour is evaluated on a scale ranging from white to yellow. Diamonds with less colour receive higher grades. A carat is a specific measure used for weighing diamonds. A. Edwards & Co. has extensive experience in the appraisal of diamonds. You will get the top value.

How are Watches Valued?

Watches are valued for their make, quality of craftsmanship, desirability, and established retail value. A. Edwards & Co. is familiar with the leading names in fine timepieces and takes pleasure in valuing watches for our customers. We can now offer increased cash loans on fine jewellery and watches from brands such as Tiffany, Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Cartier and other high-end brands.

If I Bring in Some Old Jewellery, When Will I Get Paid?

You will be paid on the spot and always in cash.

Is Old or Broken Jewellery Still of Value?

Yes, the stones or gold likely have intrinsic value according to the market values. See us first. We will weigh the gold and appraise the stones. You will receive maximum value.

Do You Buy Old Artwork or Other Items?

Yes, we buy artwork, old coins, silverware, silver trays, candlesticks, antique clocks and much, much more. Not sure if what you have has value, call us.

We guarantee you will be happy with our service!